Review: Easy Canvas Prints

As most of you have probably noticed, I partnered up with Easy Canvas Prints recently for all of my canvas print needs as well as offering a free 8x10 canvas to one of my readers. (Congrats Chris Duke!)  They also provided me with a couple of canvas' for myself to review here on the blog!


I ordered from them a 16x20 and a 12x12 canvas and recieved them within a week. (Your experience may vary on shipping times.  Their headquarters is only a few hours from my studio.) The packaging was a little light and I would like to see a bit more padding but there was not any damage to either of them.  I could see some issues with this, depending on the mail carrier's care.  They did have a large orange fragile sticker on them, so at least it was marked for gentle care. 


They offer both a 1.5" and a .75" wrap option.  I went with the .75" option which personally, I think works better for smaller canvas'.  You can also choose to use the image in the wrap or select a solid color for it.   I chose a solid color due to my cropping and positioning of the images.  When building your canvas on their website, they have a color picker to choose the color for the wrap.  I just chose something somewhat close to the background of the image.   


As you can see in the above picture, the frame of the canvas is pretty substantial.  They are very solid canvas' and I have no doubt in my mind that they will last a very long time with proper care.  I like the inclusion of the print date and the size on the back of the canvas.   The number on the left hand side is actually the order number as well, which may come in handy if you ever have any questions down the road.


The finish on the canvas is quiet glossy.  Something to be aware of when deciding on where to hang your finished work.  Reflections can be an issue depending on the print and the room where it is located.   They also have lots of texture to them.  Which should really be expected when ordering a canvas in my opinion.  I personally like the look of the texture but as you can see above, if you are wanting your print to be viewed at close distances and to really show off tiny details you may be better off ordering a regular paper print.  But a canvas can be great as a large piece on the wall to really accent the room and put off a particular mood. 


The wrap itself is very well done.  The entire thing is very evenly stapled down and tight.  There are no bubbled or loose areas on any of the canvas' I have had made through Easy Canvas Prints.  


They also include a hanger built into the canvas which is a great little addition.  There is nothing worse than ordering a canvas and receiving it not ready to be hung.  The quality of the hanger seems pretty solid and it is tightly secured to the canvas.  I have no worries that it will give out and fall off the wall.   The grooves in the hanger are also very deep to make sure once it is strait it stays that way. 


All in all, I find the products that Easy Canvas Prints provides are of great quality and will continue to partner with them and provide all of my canvas' for clients through them.  I have used other companies in the past, both local and the large mainstream print providers but none of them are as easy to work with.  Easy Canvas Prints always provides excellent customer service to myself and my clients.  So if you are looking for a new canvas solution for your business or just want some great prints to put up over your couch go ahead and check them out! 


(Disclaimer:  The canvas' pictured were provided free of charge for review on this blog.  But all statements in this post are my own personal observations and are not biased in any way due to my relationship with Easy Canvas Prints.)