Nicolas Jaar - Incredible Musical Artist

Wonderful interview of Nicolas Jaar on one of my favorite websites, The Avant/Garde Diaries.  And check out the cool short film they produced as well!  

How did you discover your sound?

Improvising has always been the most exciting way to get at something new and internal. Music allows you to be in a state of mind where you're just letting go. I think everyone is that way, even a soccer player, for instance. The best soccer player can be seen as a combination of pure passion and method. The passion part of it is letting go, even though you know all the rules. You're in the heat of the moment. The feeling of freedom that comes from letting go and allowing your mind and body to speak is very important for creating anything. I guess I'm obsessed with that freedom. The real beauty in music is finding something sacred deep inside, but I feel like the older I grow the more distractions there are.

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