Wayne Turner and Johnathan Ward; representatives of Dhanir Clothing




Dhanir represents hard work and the act of doing hard work.  Their ideal customer doesn't accept "No." as an answer.  A busy man always on the move doing whatever it takes to succeed and looks good doing it.  The Dhanir customer puts in the extra hours to fulfill their personal and professional goals all while demanding presence when they enter a room.   Dhanir represents a new age of luxury tailored to the lifestyles and demands of the young entrepreneur.


Dhanir has requested still photographs and a short film in regards to three pieces of clothing they are currently releasing before the full collection is released Spring 2018.  The media created needs to present the brand as its first official introduction to the marketplace while also hinting at what is to come.    Establishing the brands purpose and vision is important to ensure a strong first impression. 


The three pieces of clothing to be documented are a plain t-shirt, a polo shirt, and a peacoat.  Line sheet samples pictured below.



When and Where

To be determined.


During our first conversation about this project I was presented with two working ideas.  The first involved a man leaving his office, forgetting something in his office and returning to grab it before leaving the building with a significant other in their car.  I have not pursued this idea due to the challenges presented by finding the location and the technical aspects of physically shooting and editing this concept.  The timeline required to produce this idea is much longer and more involved.  


The second idea involved three men arriving at a location, parking and leaving their vehicles, riding an elevator and the elevator dropping them off on a floor.  I chose to develop this particular idea for simplicity of technical needs and ability to showcase the clothing in a much stronger way.  The still imagery produced for the clothing pieces would match aesthetically with lighting and location while being functionally different so both the images and the video can be presented separately without losing scope of the story.  The still imagery will be dependent on the location scouting done during pre production and will be further developed at that point.    The following scenes are being developed for the video portion.


Scene 1 (parking lot):

Low angle shot as 3 separate cars back into parking spots and shut off the engines.  As each person gets out of the vehicle a variety of b roll shots consisting of close ups of the clothing and other elements will appear.


Scene 2 (hallway):

Our three models walk down a hallway as we follow them.  Our first medium length shot that shows off a little bit more of the clothing as well as a better of idea of who the models are.


Scene 3 (elevator entrance):

As our 3 models wait for the elevator we continue with a variety of b roll showing off once again details of the garments.  Close ups of stitching, buttons, zippers as well as the door opening up.


Scene 4 (inside the elevator):

As the door closes we start outside of the elevator near the entrance and get the first full look of the clothing.  Our models talk amongst one another as we watch the doors close in front of them.    Once the door is fully closed the view is changed to inside the elevator where we show off the clothing as a whole more.  Wider shots of the entire piece as our models continue conversing and possibly adjusting the garments.  


Scene 5 (inside the elevator):

Once we arrive at our floor and the door opens we see an over the shoulder shot of the doors opening revealing a room dimly where we see a number of individuals interacting (possibly a party environment, possibly a conference room meeting).  If samples are ready, the models in this room will also be wearing pieces from the collection to hint towards the full collection without actually showing it.

Final project consists of:

6 fully edited high resolution images.  2 of each look is suggested but can mix and match to a total of 6.

Video roughly one minute in length.


  • Find and secure shooting location
  • Casting and signing of models for shoot
  • Fitting of clothing on selected models and accessories acquired and planned out
  • Selection of music with copyright obtained

Key Objectives

The final photographers fee requested is $1400.  $1000 of which is towards the video production and the remainder to cover the stills. This full price includes preproduction, one full day of production on set, and two weeks of time for editing, processing, and delivery of final products.  This does not include cost of location rental, model fees, or any other support staff that client requests to be on set.  Please note that this proposal suggests that location scouting, model scouting, and additional support staff will be found and hired by the clients.  If client requests photographer to do so, photographers fee needs to be adjusted to accommodate for time involved performing those tasks.


The client suggested looking at the James Franco produced Gucci fragrance videos for inspiration.  Client is looking for something moody and dramatic showcasing the lifestyle their brand represents.   The following stills are to be used as artistic direction and not as direct copies.  Nearly all of the examples given are in reference to the video portion.  A variety of b roll type shots of various details on the clothing as well as some compositional examples of the hallway shots and some of the car shots.  Due to the elevator being so confining with 3 people in it, we will need to wing that portion as I cannot find any good examples of that type of situation with that many people.