The Theme

Breed Magazine has released the following brief for their Fall Issue of Breed Magazine.  "The theme for this issue is WIND. You can interpret that any way you like. It can be about the season, in the Fall, the climate cools down, leaves change colors and fall. It can be interpreted through the clothing or actual wind. Movement is another way to interpret wind. It’s all up to you."


The Idea

I am currently calling this project "Tropical Depression"   Exploring the internal winds and storms that occur through depression as well as literal visualization through dark clouds on the beach.  Dramatic expressions and posing between both the male and female model will give us a very strong emotional feeling throughout the editorial.  Clothing should be darker tones, contemporary with strong silhouettes.  Makeup will be high fashion with a gritty feel for some surrealism.    I would like the hair to have a slight scoff/cyberpunk/surreal feel to it as well to almost place us in an alien landscape.  Many of the inspiration images are in black and white but I do not wish to shoot the entire story in black and white.  If the weather doesn't agree and it isn't dark enough black and white may be a plan b though.




The Stylist

I will be reaching out to you separately with photographs of the items that I have already in my possession that I would like included.   Colors should reflect those of storm clouds.  Deep navy's, greens, hints of pinks and reds potentially.  Monotone blacks and greys.  Tight tailored silhouettes with contemporary elements and slightly avante garde.   

The Makeup

Makeup should be on current trends potentially using muted versions of the colors of storms like in the example images.  I also would like to see faces that are dirty on top of this.  Both for the male and the female.  I would also like to see the symbol included in deep black on the top of their hands.   The symbol is an ancient occult symbol for wind.


The Hair

I would like to see something unique with the hair.  Something that possibly represents wind and is unorthodox.   Whether this wig or not I'll leave up to you but I do like the blond and light hair of our models that will contrast the clothing well.  I do not have any example images for you really, but the vision I have in my head is something that almost has a blade runner/ fifth element feel to it.


The Posing

For the posing I want to avoid anything that comes off as too posed.  Eye contact should generally be away from the camera and posing should feel robotic and in between.  Think a still from a movie where a character is mid-stride walking.  Awkward is very good.  Facial expressions should either be completely neutral or strong emotions.  Despair, sadness, anger are great.  Almost as if you washed ashore on a lost island and have come to the realization that you will be here forever, abandoned by those you hold close.  The act of falling or losing balance are also interesting.  A mix of the physical weather knocking you over and the wind of emotions you are enduring.



I will be scheduling a time and date as I collect everyones availability and watch the weather for an overcast day.    I will also update this section as I get that information so everyone can see who you will be working with and what roles they will be playing.   Thank you everyone for your time.  I cannot wait to create something special!  Below is an additional slideshow of imagery that inspired this project but did not fit into any of the individual sections.  Some overlap will exist but please look over them to understand the overall vibe further.