The Project Fashion Show 2017

The Project Fashion Show is a group show produced by Tag Team Entertainment yearly.


Tag Team Entertainment has requested 5 images and a short video to use as promotional materials for marketing the 2017 Project Fashion Show.

When and Where

To be determined.


During our preliminary talks it was determined that a simple and concise representation of the general "theme" of this years show would be appropriate for the marketing materials.  We will create simple imagery to ensure that branding and copy will stand out and compliment the imagery without distracting from the visual elements from either. 

The general idea given to me consisted of a variety of neon tubes and lighting that will be on and near the runway.  Through the use of gels and light smoke we will create the glow of the runway upon the model(s) to give away a small amount of information about the show but keep the surprise intact when the actual show occurs.    The same concept will travel through to the video portion for cohesion.  The video will be a simple slow motion film with a variety of camera moves while maintaining the gel lighting for effect.

Final project consists of:

5 fully edited high resolution images.  Video roughly 15-30 seconds in length, depending on footage and content available.


  • Find and secure shooting location
  • Casting and fitting of model(s).
  • Color scheme of gel lighting decided, as well as intensity.
  • Selection of audio with copyright obtained for video portion

Key Objectives

The final photographers fee requested is $650.   This full price includes preproduction, one full day of production on set, and one week of time for editing, processing, and delivery of final products.  This does not include cost of location rental, model fees, or any other support staff that client requests to be on set.  Please note that this proposal suggests that location scouting, model scouting, and additional support staff will be found and hired by the clients.  If client requests photographer to do so, photographers fee needs to be adjusted to accommodate for time involved performing those tasks.  Location can be photographers studio and will not increase cost in any way.  (Please note due to construction at this time, studio is not a full service studio currently and will have some setbacks, including lack of amenities and air conditioning.  We do have a gas station across the street though for drinks,food,and restroom.


The client shared inspiration and ideas from our original conversation.   With this information, I collected a variety of inspirational imagery and video to further develop the idea originally presented.   The movie stills from "Bronson" and "Bladerunner" are mostly for the mood the lighting represents as well as the glow present. The video clip shown from "Bronson" has a particular aura upon it that I think could really work for this project.  The way the audio works with the scene and the energy created from the camera moves has strong impact.  I have also included a music video that also has a heavy impact due to the focus on camera movements.  We could create something slightly similar regarding the depth of the music video by using my extremely long warehouse that is currently empty.I have also provided general fashionesque images created with the use of gels for a clearer understanding of the way the effect can work.  As you can see from the images, the color scheme as well as the contrast is quite variable and can convey many different moods depending on the approach.   Please look over these images and give some thought as to what you think might work best for your project.